Bulk Liquid Storage

Toronto Tank Lines has 15 mild steel storage tanks, insulated and steam heated, providing excellent temperature control. We have one specialty tank that has a Phenolic Epoxy coating, it is also insulated and steam heated.

Each of our tanks has a 1,000 cbm capacity and has its own dedicated pipeline for loading and unloading. The tanks can also be locked out, ensuring the integrity and safe keeping of our customerís products.

We are equipped to load into and out of trucks, railcars and vessels. The terminal has 3 truck loading racks for top and bottom loading and a certified truck weigh scale.

Our terminal is available to handle your product transfers and storage when you need them - 24/7 flexibility. Our operations personnel have 25 years experience in the safe handling requirements of virtually all liquid products. Terminal supervisors conduct ongoing training programs to update handling and safety procedures. .

Safety and Responsible Care

We care for the environment and we meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Our site is secure and we participate in effective and efficient training programs where we cover such things as confined space entry, slips, falls, proper use of protective equipment, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS ). Safety meetings are held monthly and we stress the importance of zero incidents by the active contribution of our employees towards a safe environment for themselves, our customers and our suppliers.